About Cary’s of Oregon

Cary’s of Oregon – A Family Tradition

Cary-factoryCary’s began as a family tradition.  Cary married his high school sweetheart, Jan, and they had three lovely daughters.  Jan’s grandfather (Grandpa Raymond) gave them a marble slab and a recipe for English Toffee. Grandpa Raymond wasn’t really a “toffee maker” he just thought that toffee making might be a neat family activity. And the marble slab… well Grandpa knew that candy makers used to use marble to cool down the candy after it was cooked.

Well,  Cary and his family did begin toffee making and soon it became part of the family’s holiday fun – stirring it in the pan, spreading the toffee out to cool, experimenting with different flavors and, of course, sharing with friends.  The more Cary shared his toffee, the more requests he received from friends who wanted toffee for family enjoyment or gift giving.  As the requests had him making batches just about every weekend, Cary decided to start a business to manufacture and distribute his gourmet English Toffee nationwide.

On April 23, 2001, Cary’s of Oregon opened for business.  Cary’s mechanical engineering background came in handy, as he and his friends developed a manufacturing line with some custom designs to improve efficiencies in producing larger batches, while maintaining the artisan quality of his family recipe.

Cary’s now manufactures over 10 tons of toffee per year and much of the candy making process is still done by hand.  Each batch is made with top quality, all natural ingredients.  Creamery butter from Oregon farms, 100% pure cane sugar, chocolate fit for a King and beautifully toasted nuts sourced from Northern California and Oregon.

We now offer 8 different flavors, all gluten-free, along with some specialty items.   Our products have been featured on Oprah.com, the Rachael Ray Show and have been included in the VIP goody boxes at the Oscars.  Our Trail Toffee was a finalist at the New York Fancy Food Show in the Outstanding Snack Food Category, winning a prestigious silver SOFI award.  People visit us from all over the country and the consensus seems to be, once you’ve tasted Cary’s there’s no going back!

If you happen to be visiting southern Oregon’s beautiful Rogue Valley, please come by our factory store and sample some mouth-watering confections.  If you can’t make it to Oregon, please check our store locator for a store near you or simply order online.  We have shipped our toffee to all 50 States, as well as to some international customers.

We hope that our family tradition of sharing sweet treats with those we love will become part of your family tradition!